Do KN95 respirators protect against viruses?

KN95 Respirators give the wearer protection against splashes, sprays, and large droplets.This tight-fitting mask can filter out 95% of very small particles that include viruses and bacteria. Viruses spreads from person to person via small respiratory droplets. These are generated when a person with the virus exhales, coughs, or sneezes. You can contract the virus if you breathe in these droplets. Although there are no guarantees that viruses won’t be spread, KN95 Respirators are a first line of defense for healthcare providers and anyone that is not able to practice social distancing due to a workplace situation.

Do surgical masks protect against viruses?

Surgical masks do not give the wearer full protection against viruses in the air, but they can help protect others by barricading biological aerosols or “droplets” containing the virus. This is especially effective in cases where asymptomatic people (infected people who show no symptoms) may be releasing the virus without knowing it. Studies have shown that the wearing of surgical masks significantly reduces the amount of infectious droplets expelled by the wearer. While surgical masks aren’t perfect, they go a long way in “flattening the curve” during a pandemic and are far better than zero protection.

How to best use surgical masks in the?

Below are some best practices to keep in mind for face masks:

  • Reserve respirators for use by healthcare workers and first responders.
  • Surgical masks are disposable. Don’t reuse them.
  • Replace your surgical mask if it becomes damaged or damp.
  • Always promptly discard your surgical mask in a closed garbage bin after removing it.
  • Clean your hands before putting your surgical mask on and after you take it off. Additionally, clean your hands if you touch the front of the mask while you’re wearing it.
When should I get rid of my mask?

Discard or get rid of any mask that:

  • No longer cover the nose and mouth
  • Have stretched out or have damaged ties or straps
  • Cannot stay on the face
  • Have holes or tears in the fabric
Are your KN95 Respirator Masks compliant under FDA rules?

There is a lot of information & misinformation concerning KN95 Respirator Masks.
We understand your concerns and want to help clarify the current situation.

  • Authorized KN95 Respirators have not been banned by any agencies
  • Our KN95 Respirators are manufactured at an FDA Registered Factory
  • Our KN95 Respirators meet all FDA & CDC standards under the EUA*
  • Our KN95 Respirators are Authorized and meet all FDA eligibility criteria
  • Authorized Non-NIOSH KN95 Respirators are still compliant under the FDA’s May 7th ruling
  • Authorized EUA factories are not required to be on the FDA’s Appendix A list
  • Our KN95 Respirators are being imported by an FDA registered, US-based company
  • Our CE** Approved KN95 Respirators are used by healthcare workers across Europe and the US

* Emergency Use Authorization
** CEis a certification marking for products sold in the EEA. (European Economic Area)
This indicates they meet all safety, health and environmental protection requirements